Much, Much Later by Susan M. Steadman

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About The Play

Comedy.  10 minutes.  3 either.  Suitable for middle school and older.

Much, Much Later premiered as part of Onion Man Productions’ Harvest 2010: The Backyard Plays in June 2010 at the Lionheart Theatre (Norcross, GA).

"I enjoyed directing Susan Steadman's piece Much, Much Later.  It is a fun, quirky piece that allowed me as a director some leeway to play with it.  The audience enjoyed the performances and had nothing but good things to report.  I would direct it again in a heartbeat
.” - Jason Caldwell, Artistic Director, Lionheart Theatre (Norcross, GA)

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In the future, all that's left of humans on earth is our abandoned "stuff."  When three extraterrestrials on a fact-finding mission explore a suburban backyard, what conclusions will they draw from such artifacts as a garden hose, skewers and a charcoal grill?  As discord creeps in and their mission teeters on the brink of failure, could their last, best hope be a Barbie doll?

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