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Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions, where you will find answers to most of the questions you'll typically have about ordering and our website.  Still can't find the answer?  Email us, and we'll be happy to help!

  1. How do I order a play?
  2. I'm interested in a play, but I don't know if I want to produce it at this time. What do I do?
  3. I could use some help choosing plays that will fit my needs. Can you help me?
  4. If you're sending me an electronic copy, why do you need a street address and a phone number?
  5. May we make a video recording of our production?
  6. Our organization needs your W-9 form before we can go ahead with our order. Can you send it to us?
  7. Do you have a play catalogue?
  8. Do I have to pay for scripts for my production?
  9. Can I get a printable digital copy of a play?
  10. Do you sell hard copy (printed) acting editions of your scripts?
  11. Am I allowed to use one of your free monologues in competition?
  12. I'm ready to make a purchase. What are my payment options?
  13. How long does it take to receive plays once I place my order?
  14. I am outside the United States. Can I still place an order?
  15. I placed an order for digital scripts and it's been more than 24 hours, but they haven't arrived. What do I do?
  16. Why do I have to provide potential production dates when I order a perusal copy?
  17. Can I have a play physically mailed to me?
  18. How many performances do I need to order? What constitutes a performance?
  19. Why is paying royalties so important?
  20. Can I change my performance dates once I've paid royalties?
  21. I've already paid royalties for one or more performances. I'd like to license additional performances. What's the best way to do that?
  22. Can I make changes to a play?
  23. We've had to cancel our production. What is your refund policy?
  24. We've heard you offer a discount on a future order to groups that send you production photos. How does that work?
  25. I'd like to use a cutting from a play (a scene or monologue) for a Thespian Individual Event or similar competition.
  26. What if I want to use a play for speech or forensics competition?
  27. I want to use a play in the classroom, but I don't want to stage a production at this time.
  28. Do you offer any play anthologies?
  29. Do you send out printed catalogues?
  30. Do you accept play submissions? If so, how do I submit?
  31. Do your plays have ISBN numbers?


Simple. Just click on the Browse Our Plays link and look around for something that catches your eye. Go to that play's special page and click on the Place an Order button. If you already know what you want, use the "Know what you want? Quick order it here" pulldown in the upper right.

You'll be asked whether you wish to order a perusal copy (either a digital one or, when available, a printed acting edition) or performance rights. If you're ordering performance rights, you'll then have to choose a Production Photocopy License (which allows you to make unlimited copies of a digital script for your production) and/or hard copies (when available). Just want to use the play in your classroom with no public performance? Order a Classroom Photocopy License. Add whatever you need to your shopping cart, and then you can either checkout or continue shopping. Once you finalize your order at checkout, you will receive an invoice/receipt in your email (you can also print one through the site if you misplace the email). Some orders (e.g. digital perusal scripts)
 are auto-approved, while others are reviewed and approved manually, at which point digital scripts and performance licenses (where applicable) go out through our automated system. Hard copies will be physically shipped (you'll still get an email with a performance license when applicable). Professional theatres should email us directly at to license performance rights.

We recommend that you order a digital or printed (if available) perusal copy first. One may print a single copy of a digital script for evaluation purposes. Once you've read the play, if you decide you'd like to produce it, return to our website and pay royalties for the number of performances you'd like to stage and purchase either a photocopy license, hard copy books, or both.

Absolutely. You can email us at (include as much information as you can), or call us at 424-703-5315 between 10 AM-6 PM (Pacific time), Monday through Friday.

This is a standard part of the verification process when you provide payment information to our credit card processor or PayPal, and of course we need it to invoice your institution if you are providing a purchase order. Even if you're an individual writing a check, we need it as part of our efforts to safeguard our authors' intellectual property and verify where their material is being sent. Please be sure to review your information carefully, as any errors (e.g. missing digits or a misspelled email address) can hold up processing of your order.

Nearly all of our plays have a Limited Video License available for purchase. If a Limited Video License is available for the play you wish to produce, purchasing this license allows you to make a recording of your production and to give away or sell up to 100 DVD copies or digital downloads (via a secure server) for personal use to your cast, crew, their families, etc. You may not broadcast or screen any or all of your recording for a live audience, via television, or distribute it via YouTube, Facebook or any other social networking or internet website without prior permission. The one exception is local access cable, for which one additional Limited Video License must be purchased for each airing of the play in whole or in part. Absolutely no recording of any plays may be made without the purchase of a Limited Video License.

 We have a W-9 ready to send you in PDF form. Please email us at and we'll get it to you right away.

Yes, we do. If you click on Download a Catalogue from the menu on the left, you can choose to open or save a printable PDF file with our list of plays. We update it on a regular basis, but be aware that the website Browse Our Plays will always have the absolute latest listings.

You have a choice of either purchasing a sufficient number of hard copy scripts (when available) for your cast and crew, or a Production Photocopy License which allows you to make as many copies as you need for your production.

Absolutely. Just select the play you'd like to order and then add the Digital Perusal Script to your shopping cart. Please keep in mind that these are for perusal/individual use only and may not be copied for classroom or production use. To use a play in performance or the classroom, please purchase Performance Royalties and a Production Photocopy License, or a Classroom Photocopy License, respectively.

Most of our plays are available as printed acting editions in addition to digitally. And our printed acted editions have a special feature that you can't find anywhere else: a mini-interview with the play's author that will give you insights about the play and the playwright. If a play is available in printed form, you'll see the price for a printed script on its dedicated page. You can order a single perusal copy or enough copies for your entire cast and crew.  Want to order a Production Photocopy License (which allows for unlimited copying of a digital script for your production) but still want a few hard copies? You can do that too.

Those wishing to use any of our monologues in Thespian IEs, forensics or similar adjudicated competitions automatically have permission to do so with the purchase of a copy of the play from which it comes (in printed or digital form).

Please select the materials you need, either by going to each play's individual page or using the Know what you want? pulldown menu in the upper right corner.  When you're ready for checkout, you'll be asked to log into your account or to create a new one. You'll choose a shipping option (if you have ordered scripts or books that need to be physically shipped) and then will be asked to review and accept our Royalty Statement.

Individuals or organizations outside of the United States will then have a choice of paying either by check or credit/debit card (through our secure credit/debit card interface or PayPal). Organizations in the United States may also use a purchase order. If you select purchase order, you will be prompted for a purchase order number and then will receive instructions on the next screen to print an invoice for your business office.

Credit/debit card and purchase order payments are processed right away, whereas payments by check must be received before orders will be processed.

Keep in mind that all checks must be in US dollars, and orders paid by check may be held until the funds clear. To expedite this process, we recommend obtaining a bank/cashier's check or a money order. Once we receive your payment, we'll authorize the order, and your materials will be on their way shortly. Just let us know how we can help!

Digital perusal scripts (either ordered on their own or with printed scripts) paid by credit/debit or PayPal are automatically emailed.

Other orders are processed as quickly as possible (within 24 hours), but please note that they are reviewed by a human first. Don't see your email? Just log into the website (using the email address and password you created when you registered) and click on My Orders under the Customer Menu on the left. Click on the order number of any approved order to download your script files or contracts, and to print an invoice.If you choose to pay by check, your order will not ship until we receive your payment.

For those ordering printed scripts, standard shipping typically takes 6 to 10 business days within the US. For those ordering outside of the US and Canada, be advised that standard shipping can take some weeks, and we recommend using expedited or priority shipping instead. If time is an issue, we highly recommend ordering digital scripts.

Absolutely! Many of our customers are in Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and even in Africa and Asia. For customers outside the US and Canada, though, we recommend ordering electronic scripts, or priority delivery of your printed scripts, as standard international shipping can take 6-8 weeks in some cases. Also, while these are rare (we are not aware of them in the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or Ireland, for example), any customs fees or other duties imposed by their home countries are the sole responsibility of the recipients.

If you ordered only digital perusal scripts, or digital perusal scripts together with printed scripts, and you paid with credit/debit/PayPal, the digital portion of your order should have auto-sent. Other digital orders should be processed within 24 hours. First, check your spam filter, and be sure to add to your whitelist so that mail from us gets through to you. Also, some systems, particularly school or government email addresses, may block unknown emails (especially ones that have links), sometimes even before they reach your spam filter at all. But if your email isn't cooperating, have no fear. Just log into the website (using your email address with which you signed up and the password you created when ordering) and click on My Orders under the Customer Menu on the left. Click on the order number of any approved order to download your script files or performance license (when applicable), and to print an invoice.

This information, which can be changed as necessary when you place your order for performance royalties, allows us to generate a contract which may then be mailed in directly for those who wish to pay by check offline.

In most cases, yes! Almost all of our plays are available in both digital and printed form. If a play is available in a print edition, you'll see a notice on the play's page and it will appear as an option in its shopping cart (along with your choice of shipping speeds) when you go to place an order.  For customers outside of the US and Canada, however, we recommend either digital scripts or priority delivery, as international shipping can take some weeks otherwise and be difficult to track.

You must order one performance royalty for each time the play is produced in the presence of an audience outside of the cast and crew. It doesn't matter whether admission is being charged, whether the actors (or anyone else) are being paid, or whether it's part of a school assembly or other program. Therefore, an "invited" dress rehearsal at which friends, family or staff view the show still counts as one performance.

On the most basic, practical level, our authors generate some or all of their income through the licensing of their work for production. When one doesn't pay this money, that could be an author's rent or food money or electric bill. Being able to earn money through the licensing of their plays allows playwrights to have time to create new work (as a profession and not simply a hobby) for the stage for schools and theatres to perform. On a philosophical level, the payment of a royalty is a statement that a play is something of value, and acknowledges the time and effort that went into it--just as one would be paid to do any other job. Finally, it's important to remember that a play is wholly owned by the author, and failure to license your performance in advance and pay royalties is copyright infringement, which is against the law both in the United States and abroad.

Yes. As long as your original performance dates haven't passed yet, just send an email to with the revised dates.

This is a common occurrence when a group has licensed a play for competition and advances, for example, or if a show is very successful and the producing group wants to open it up to a larger audience. Just go to the play's page and place an order for the additional performances. Easy as pie.

No cuts, additions or changes of any kind may be made to the script (dialogue or stage directions) without prior written permission from YouthPLAYS. Please email us at with any questions or requests regarding a particular script. Please be specific. Because we must confirm any requests with the play's author, be sure to contact us sufficiently in advance.

All sales of printed and digital scripts and textbooks, including photocopy licenses, are final and non-refundable. In the case of performance royalties, performances are refundable minus a $5 processing fee up to 7 days before the scheduled production date. Performances canceled after that date but no later than the scheduled opening date will receive YouthPLAYS credit. There are no refunds or credits after the scheduled date of performance.

You heard right! Send us photos from your production of a YouthPLAYS-licensed show and save 10% on your next order. Here are the guidelines:

  • Permission must be in place for YouthPLAYS to use the photos for publicity and publication purposes (i.e. you have photo releases from your actors on file).
  • Photos should be of performances or imitating performance conditions. No posed photos of the cast or with visible scripts.
  • Photos should be of the highest quality possible: clear and not blurry, and whenever possible at their original size and resolution (not optimized for the web). No flash is preferred.
  • Please provide any necessary photo credits (Play, Name of Performing Group, City/State/Country, Photographer Name) at the time of submission.

Once we receive your photos, we'll send you a coupon code that you can use on your next order (of any size!), good for up to one year!

Want to take great production photos (for us and for yourself!)? Check out these tips from acclaimed production photographer Michael Lamont!

Royalties are waived for the use of excerpts/cuttings lasting less than ten minutes in Thespian IEs, forensics or similar adjudicated competitions where the plays are not substantially produced (i.e. no sets, lighting, costumes, etc). Each participant is required to purchase through the YouthPLAYS website a digital perusal copy or printed copy of the play from which the monologue or scene comes. Once you have done so, simply print this explanation as permission to perform. Please email us at with any specific questions about the usage of materials.

For plays of 10 minutes or less being used in adjudicated speech or forensics competitions, you must purchase sufficient copies of the script (either digital or printed) for each competitor. Royalties are waived for adjudicated competitive performances of 10 minutes or less.  Longer plays (for example, one-acts for group speech competitions) will typically require the payment of standard performance royalties, in addition to the purchase of scripts. (And if you're looking for material for a Thespian IE, there's a specific FAQ question that addresses this, but the rules are the same as with forensics.)

If you wish to use a play in the classroom (i.e. your class will be studying it as a group), you may either purchase a classroom set (if hard copies are available) or purchase a Classroom Photocopy License, which includes a PDF file that may be copied to create a classroom set. If you need a limited number of copies for small group work, you may purchase the requisite number of printed or digital copies. Please keep in mind that no scripts may be copied unless you've purchased the Classroom Photocopy License.

Yes, we have several "traditional" anthologies (comedy, middle school, young playwrights and "edgy" plays). Go to the Plays by Type pulldown menu to see them. We also have a number of anthologies of plays that are related and can play as a single evening together. These plays are listed under One-Act Plays or Full-Length Plays, as the case may be.

To save the environment, we keep our catalogue digital.  You can download a PDF version of the catalogue by clicking on the "Download a Catalogue" link on the left, or if you're having trouble, we'll be happy to email you one. That way, you can print only what you need and protect the planet.

We are always interested in submissions of plays and musicals that are appropriate for young actors/audiences. Please click on the Submit a Play link on the left-menu and read the guidelines carefully.

Almost all of them do.  You'll find it listed on the play's copyright information page.

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