• The Locker Next 2 Mine
  • 4 A.M. the musical
  • Camp Monster
  • The Mystic Tale of Aladdin
  • Jennifer the Unspecial
  • Of Plastic Things and Butterfly Wings
  • Dear Chuck at Singapore Polytechnic's Theatre Compass

YouthPLAYS is a publisher of award-winning professional dramatists and talented new discoveries. We license one-act and full-length plays and musicals, including works both for teen and pre-teen performers, as well as adult actors performing for young audiences.  All of our plays are available digitally, and most of them are available as physical copies as well.

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Scripts for theatres, schools, camps, forensics, tours and more!

Calling All Young Playwrights!

YouthPLAYS is pleased to announce the fourth annual New Voices One-Act Play Competition for playwrights aged 19 years or younger as of May 1, 2014 (the contest deadline).  Prizes include publication, cash and software from industry leader Final Draft and critically praised Great Dialogue.  Please spread the word far and wide!

Before submitting, please read the guidelines and format sheet below carefully.  Please be sure to submit only PDF, Microsoft Word or Final Draft files (one play per person) and only in stageplay (not screenplay) format.

Click here for the complete contest guidelines.
Click here for a sample playwriting format sheet.
Click here for an easy to distribute "one sheet" that you can post on your wall or bulletin board
Latest Arrivals...
Add Nauseam by Thomas J. Misuraca...  Aesop and George by Claudia Haas...   Alice's Birthday Surprise by Katherine Dubois...   And Tomorrow And Tomorrow... by Carol S. Lashof...   Annatude by Kenyon Brown...   Band-a-thon! by Don Goodrum...   Boys vs. Girls:  Armageddon by Adam J. Goldberg...   Brace Yourself by Keegon Schuett...   Brownies, Bicycles and Bigfoot by Callan Stout...   Camp Rolling Hills, music and lyrics by Adam Spiegel, book and lyrics by David Spiegel and Stacy Davidowitz...   Children of Hooverville by Hollie Michaels...   Closeted by Jonathan Dorf...   Dear Chuck by Jonathan Dorf...   Dear Chuck (one-act version) by Jonathan Dorf...   Everything you need to know about The Scarlet Letter in 10 minutes or less by Don Zolidis...   Exposure by Vishesh Abeyratne...   Family Meeting by Don Zolidis...   The Fantasists by Randy Wyatt...   For (Sandwich) Lovers Only by Owen Stone...   From Shakespeare with Love? by Jonathan Dorf...   Gray Matters by Lucy Wang...   Gwen and Mary at Glenn Ross by Robin Pond...   Jennifer the Unspecial, book and lyrics by Matthew Mezzacappa, music by Cynthia Chi-Wing Wong...   K.C.@Bat music by Zachary Israel Nobile Kampler and book & lyrics by Rocco Natale...   The Locker Next 2 Mine by Jonathan Dorf...   Long Joan Silver by Arthur M. Jolly...   Midsummer.com by Flip Kobler and Cindy Marcus...   My Big Adele Moment by Kenyon Brown...   Moby (No Last Name Given) by Arthur M. Jolly...   The Mystic Tale of Aladdin by Randy Wyatt...   One Word Too Many by Joanne Greene...    Patagonia by Robert George...   Piglet by Brian Armstrong...   Platform Nine by Rebecca Moretti...  Queen Zixi of Ix: Or the Story of the Magic Cloak by Jason Tremblay...   screens by Jessica McGettrick...   The Secret Garden by Isabella Russell-Ides...   Snakes in a Lunchbox by Arthur M. Jolly...   The Snow Globe by Sara Crawford...   Straight Eye for the Gay Guy by Jonathan Dorf...   Sweetheart by Danny Rothschild...  Teen Mogul by Lucy Wang...   Three First Kisses by Tim Bohn...   The UnderGroundHog Railroad by Jeri Weiss...   White Roses and Gooseberries by B.J. Burton...   The Wind in the Willows, book and lyrics by Diane Grant, music by Michael Reilly...   The Zombie Effect by Kenyon Brown...

Coming Soon...
The Argonauts book by Flip Kobler & Cindy Marcus, music by Dennis Poore and lyrics by Flip Kobler...  Calamity by E.F.C. Calvert...   Piñata Utopia by Christian Kiley...   Rumors of Polar Bears (full-length version) by Jonathan Dorf...  The Very Bad Girls Scouts by John P. McEneny and many, many more!

Congratulations to the winners of 2013 New Voices One-Act Play Competition for young playwrights, Al Dente by Sierre DuCharme-Hansen (first prize) and Where the Water Meets the Sand by Will Boersma (second prize).

Featured Play

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished by Cheryl Hadley

Comedy. 40 - 50 minutes. 4-32 males, 8-32 females (12-48 performers possible).
Middle school and older performers, audiences of all ages.

What's a kind, level-headed girl to do when she keeps finding herself on the wrong end of every fairy tale plot line that crosses her path?