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YouthPLAYS is a publisher of award-winning professional dramatists and talented new discoveries. We license one-act and full-length plays and musicals, including works both for teen and pre-teen performers, as well as adult actors performing for young audiences.  All of our plays are available digitally, and most of them are available as physical copies as well.

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Latest Arrivals...
And We Will Share the Sky by Donna Latham...   Beef Junkies by Jonathan Dorf...   The Boy Who Cried Dragon by Inda Craig-Galvan...   Chubby Bunny by Jonathan Josephson and Katy Muzikar...   Directing Kids by Matt Buchanan...   Dracula of Pennsylvania by Don Goodrum...   The Exceptional Childhood Center by Dylan Schifrin...   Frog Quixote by Steph DeFerie...   Girls on the Brink by Rex McGregor...   The Godot Variations by Meron Langsner...   Go Solo: Contemporary Monologues for Young Actors...   Great Expectations: Eight Short Plays About Teens Under Pressure by Nicole B. Adkins, Will Coleman, Anne G'Fellers-Mason, Laura King, Wendy-Marie Martin, Marshall N. Opie, Jeri Weiss and Ricky Young-Howze...  HKFN: The Abbreviated Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (one-act and ten-minute versions) by Jeff Goode...   Les Examables by Don Zolidis...   The Matsuyama Mirror by Velina Hasu Houston...   Mi Coche, Mi Quince by Susan Lieberman...   Now You See Me by Jonathan Dorf... Prime by Ellen Margolis...   Seesaw by Rebecca Moretti...   ShakeSPLOSION!!! by Andrew Geha...   The Superhero Ultraferno (one-act and full-length versions!) by Don Zolidis...   Xtigone by Nambi E. Kelley...   Youth on the Roof by Laura King...

Coming Soon...
Front Porch Steps by Bob Pritchard...   Little Women by Isabella Russell-Ides...   Scareville by Julia Edwards...   Three Padded Walls by Hillary DePiano...   What's Past is Prologue by David LeMaster and many, many more!

Congratulations to the winner of the 2015 New Voices One-Act Play Competition for Young Playwrights, Seesaw by Rebecca Moretti! Runner-up goes to Tweezers by Jordan Goldberg. Designated as honorable mentions were 109 by Charlotte Page; Counter Clockwise by Courtney Clay; Follow Spot On by Hope Gilbert; Just Another One Act by Jillian Gilburne, The Note by Nicole Castelli and White Picket Fence by Morgan Soundry. Special thanks to Final Draft, Inc., the world's leading script formatting software, and Great Dialogue, for generously providing prizes.

Get writing those new plays for May 1, 2016! Guidelines are up on our Submit a Play page!

Featured Play

Uncertainty Theory by Maura Campbell

Drama. 40 - 50 minutes. 5-10+ males, 6-10+ females (11-30 performers possible).
High school and older.

Two versions of reality collide when a senior boy disappears on graduation day and his classmates and friends struggle with their loss and confusion about him and their own uncertain futures.