Rumors of Polar Bears by Jonathan Dorf

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Fremont High School (Sunnyvale, CA; photo by Ojas Devanathan).

Dramedy.  90-100 minutes.  8-25+ females, 4-15+ males (14-40+ performers possible).  Suitable for high school (or advanced middle school) and older performers, and middle school and older audiences.

Rumors of Polar Bears premiered at Capital High School (Helena, MT).

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Capital High School (Helena, MT).

A ragtag band of teens struggles for survival in the face of a climate induced catastrophe. Despite having to scavenge for food and water, they find fun where they can, frolicking in the "party pool" and forgetting themselves just long enough to be teenagers. But when they are forced to flee their makeshift home, they'll encounter everything from unfinished coloring books and failing paradises to a frozen-in-time former pre-kindergarten drama class, deadly bikers determined to turn the chaos into their own new world order, and a mysterious people that even the bikers won't cross. As the road takes its toll, will the teen refugees follow Deme, their leader, and chase after the rumored polar bears that she believes are the key to their long-term survival, or will the little patchwork family fall apart?

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