A Poodle More Beautiful by Stacey Lane

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About The Play

Edmonds Driftwood Players (Edmonds, Washington; photo by Dale Sutton of Magic Photo).

Comedy. 8-10 minutes. 2 either. Suitable for all ages.

Premiered by Edmonds Driftwood players (Edmunds, WA). First Place Winner of “Perspective: 6th Annual Festival of Shorts” at Edmonds Driftwood Players The Flip Side. Finalist at TILT Performance Group and Ground Floor Theatre.

“Reading through submissions for my summer youth theatre program every year I am always excited to see Stacey Lane’s name come up in the stack of scripts. She writes for kids without marginalizing them. She understands the subtle language differences with kids and uses that to make the shows honest and enjoyable for the children. In A Poodle More Beautiful she touches on themes that kids struggle with--although she slips the message in through the voices of two adorable dogs.” --Paul Barile, Harper College Theatre Director

“Such humor and heart. A Poodle More Beautiful really is such a sweet play with a great message and I love both the characters. We got a lot of laughs and some awws as well.” 
--Elaine Quagliata, The LITE (Laugh Inspire Think Encourage) Project Actor

“The audiences loved it! They found the poodle and mutt characters to be quite endearing and seemed to take home the message given in the surprise ending. The dialogue between dogs was snappy and funny and was definitely enhanced by the nonverbal/ behavioral stage directions that made the dogs seem real.” 
--Diane Jamieson, Edmonds Driftwood Players Executive Producer

A Poodle More Beautiful is a delight for middle-schoolers to perform, and for the audience! Everyone relates to the two characters, their relationship, and the situation. A gem of a ten-minute play!” 
--Amie Brockway, Open Eye Theatre Producing Artistic Director

“I would be honored to direct Stacey Lane’s work anytime, anywhere." 
--Jerry Salisbury, EMU Theatre Director

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What do you do when your home isn't as perfect as it should be? You run away, of course. When Puddles isn't thrilled competing for attention with a cat and a toddler, the purebred poodle escapes…only to be "falsely imprisoned" at the pound. Will an encounter with a mutt, streetwise cellmate Scram, most of whose life has been spent at the shelter, change the pompous puppy's tune? And when Puddles' owners arrive, will it be time for a joyful reunion?

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Did You Know?

Kelly DuMar's one-act comedy for youth, The Adventures of Rocky & Skye, was inspired by the diaries she's been writing to her 3 children for over 25 years; she's the author of Before You Forget - The Wisdom of Writing Diaries for Your Children.