Kadija & Swann by Ed Shockley

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Comedy.  About 15 minutes.  2 females.  Suitable for high school and older.

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Swann, a teen with a prepubescent imagination, has used the boys' lavatory. This event is followed by the death of her pet rabbit. She enlists the aid of her best and only friend, Kadija, to confirm her suspicions and help in this catastrophe. The girls steal a big sister's home pregnancy test and misuse it, then decide that Swann must run for five minutes nonstop, since "missing a carriage" causes a woman to lose a baby. Ultimately the sleeping rabbit awakens and it's off to the mall for a victory burger.

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Did You Know?

Hal Corley became a playwright after an acting debut in The Taming of the Shrew wherein he threw a pitcher of water at Glenn Close's Kate for an entire summer; alas, he missed her at half the performances.