The Superhero Ultraferno by Don Zolidis

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About The Play

Silverado High School (Las Vegas, NV).

Comedy. 40-45 minutes. 6+ females, 6+ males (12-52 performers possible). Suitable for middle school and older.

Premiered at Silverado High School (Las Vegas, NV).

Printed Script: $6.95 (contains special author commentary)Digital Perusal Script: $6.50. Performance Royalties: $40.00/performance.  Production Photocopy License:  $45.00 (PDF file that may be printed/copied for your cast/crew; must be purchased in conjunction with Performance Royalties)Classroom Photocopy License: $50.00 (PDF file that may be printed/copied for closed classroom study only). Limited Video License: $45.00 (permission to record your production with limited distribution; must be purchased in conjunction with Performance Royalties). Professional rights should be negotiated directly with YouthPLAYS at  Need detailed help?  Click on Place an Order and then look for the blue What Do I Order?button!


Silverado High School (Las Vegas, NV).

Now that nerds have taken over the world, it’s imperative that all popular kids learn everything they can about comic book superheroes. Join two nerds and a crack team of actors as they race hilariously through the world of tights-wearing crimefighters, from the 1960s TV Batman to a bizarre, German opera of Spiderman and everything in-between. Also available as a full-length play.

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Did You Know?

Steven Stack’s first acting role was in 3rd grade in an adaptation of Hansel and Gretel, in which he played Hansel and the father. He was originally cast as only the father, but the boy playing Hansel got sick and Steven had already memorized all his lines.