The Wind In The Willows by Diane Grant

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Comedy. 50-60 minutes.  7-20+ females, 3-20+ males (12-40+ performers possible).  Suitable for middle school and older perfomers, elementary and older audiences.

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Mole lives underground. Her comfortable burrow is a good place for a creature who's small and has poor eyesight. But when she feels the stirrings of spring, is it time to take a chance? Is it time to go up there? Outside is a scary place. Would she survive? And what if she lost her glasses? But a little courage goes a long way, and a few brave steps introduce Mole to a world of characters she never knew existed: the mean Weasel girls, the loveable Ratty, the flamboyant Otter, the kindly Widow Badger, and the exuberant Mr. Toad of Toad Hall, whose hilarious antics get himself and everybody else in and out of trouble, time and again in this adaptation of the classic novel.


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Did You Know?

Hayley Lawson-Smith met her husband David during an community theatre production of Paint Your Wagon, and he has gone on to direct several of her plays.