And Tomorrow And Tomorrow... by Carol S. Lashof

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About The Play

Comedy.  8-12 minutes. 3-4 females, 0-1 male (4 performers total). Suitable for middle school and older performers, upper elementary and older audiences.

Produced at the Playwright's Center of San Francisco (CA) and at Love Creek Productions (New York, NY).

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Stumbling in a daze from the battlefield to the afterlife, Macbeth encounters three spirits—Graymalkin, Paddock and Pyewacket (rhymes with “I thwack it”).  They appear to Macbeth as a cat, a toad, and a dog, and they also look familiar.  Very familiar.  And indeed, that’s what they are: “familiars,” the companion spirits of the three witches whose prophecies led to his ruin, offering Macbeth the chance for a do-over.  But will he get it right this time...?

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Did You Know?

Tommy Jamerson's play, The Big Bad Bullysaurus, won Second Place at the National Association of Dramatic & Speech Arts Festival.