Follow That Funny by Nancy Brewka-Clark, Jonathan Dorf, Arthur M. Jolly, Meron Langsner, Donna Latham, Robin Pond, Nathan Selinger, Ed Shockley, Steven Stack, Trevor Suthers, Karin Williams and Asher Wyndham

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About The Play

Anthology of 15 short plays. 5-15 minutes each.  2-21 males, 2-30 females (4-41 performers possible).  Suitable for high school and older.  Plays include Wherefore Art Thou...Todd? by Steven Stack; Time Warp by Karin Diann Williams; After The Hill by Meron Langsner; G.B.F. Forever by Asher Wyndham; Wrong End of the Stick by Trevor Suthers; Vital Organs by Jonathan Dorf; Kadija & Swann by Ed Shockley; Do These Jeans Make My Butt Look Massive? by Donna Latham; Poster Children by Nathan Selinger; The Ants and the Grasshopper by Trevor Suthers; What the Well Dressed Girl is Wearing by Arthur M. Jolly; DragonSlay by Robin Pond; Orni-what? by Nancy Brewka-Clark; How to Get Famous in Theatre by Karin Diann Williams and A-Bomb Wedding by Jonathan Dorf.

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Let YouthPLAYS lead you on a quest for comedy with fifteen short plays all in one comic collection, ideal for short play festivals, classroom scene study and competition. From dirty toilet seat-induced “pregnancies” to the agonizing search for just the right outfit to turning nuclear weapons into dating accessories, teen performers will find a wide variety of comic subjects and styles to stretch their acting chops and tickle their funny bones.