The Cinderella Chronicles by Susan M. Steadman

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Comedy.  30-40 minutes.  1-11+ males, 7-17+ females (8-21+ performers possible).  Suitable for all ages.

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Jenny accompanies her best friend Alex and her family to Europe, where Alex’s mother has inherited a museum of fairy tale lore that houses memorabilia from familiar stories, such as Sleeping Beauty’s spinning wheel and Jack’s beans.  The girls sneak inside to explore and discover Cinderella’s old trunk.  As they start reading her diary aloud, they find themselves launched into the middle of the classic tale, respun with a would-be writer Cinderella, a fairy godmother who seems to have stepped out of 1968, a science-loving frog prince and many other new twists.  But one thing hasn't changed:  it's still wisest to follow your heart.

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Did You Know?

Jessica McGettrick wrote her first play - a musical, about a girl named Suzie who wanted to go to a place called “Flip-Blip Town" when she was four years old.