Last Right Before the Void by Jonathan Dorf

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About The Play

Christian describes “the void” to the Woman (Oak Park High School, Kansas City, MO).

Dramedy.  10 minutes.  2 males, 1 female.  Suitable for high school performers.

Premiered at Oak Park High School in Kansas City (MO).

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The Woman broadcasts her final destination (Oak Park High School, Kansas City, MO).

Reality shifts like a kaleidoscope as a teenage boy tries to thumb a ride by the last exit before a dark highway in Minnesota seems to turn into a black hole.  He may be a fugitive or a model or a community college dropout...and is that Medea who just arrived?  And Elvis?  Darth Vader?  Aliens?  Or is none of it real, and he's just a kid stuck outside his house on a freezing cold night trying to negotiate his way back in?


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Did You Know?

Matthew Mezzacappa co-founded an Instant Musicals group which writes and performs fully staged musicals in just two hours.