Furry Tales by JoŽl Doty

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About The Play

Comedy. 50-60 minutes. 8-28 males, 7-27 females (15-35 performers possible). Suitable for all ages.

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Something has gone terribly wrong in Furry Tale Land. In the past, the fairy tale creatures have lived peacefully with the talking animals, telling and retelling their stories. But suddenly, the characters are mixing up the stories. Miss Muffet loves spiders – not curds and whey. Rapunzel wants her hair cut, and Snow White is making berry poison. To make matters worse, the animals are losing their tails! Can the two be connected? The great wizard, Trifocol, has discovered that humans are not reading the fairy tales anymore, and it is up to three brave creatures to find a human who still knows the stories, bring her back to their land and unscramble the mess before the tales and tails are gone forever!

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