Harry's Hotter at Twilight by Jonathan Dorf

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Alhambra High School (Alhambra, CA)

Comedy.  90-100 minutes. 5-25+ males, 7-25+ females (12-50+ performers possible).  Suitable for middle school and older performers.  

First produced by Alhambra High School (Alhambra, CA).

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Alhambra High School (Alhambra, CA)

In this crazed mash-up parody of the Harry Potter and Twilight series--with cameos crashing in from Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Alice in Wonderland and many other places--you'll encounter deli-owning vegetarians, invisible rabbits, magical carrot weapons, random lunatics, soothing offstage voices, evil gourmets and much more, as everyone's favorite wizards, vampires and werewolves battle to save miserable, gloomy Spork--and indeed the world--from certain destruction.

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Did You Know?

Vishesh Abeyratne played Jean in a college production of Eugene Ionesco’s Rhinoceros.  One night, he got so worked up during his transformation scene that he smashed a prop telephone to smithereens.  Fortunately, they found a replacement.