The Minotaur by Carol S. Lashof

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Drama. 45-60 minutes. 5-15+ males, 4-20+ females (12-35+ total performers possible). Suitable for middle school and older. 

The Minotaur
premiered at the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI) in a production directed by Kate Mendeloff and co-sponsored by the Residential College of the University of Michigan and the Young People's Theater of Ann Arbor.

"The Minotaur offers young people the chance to explore Greek mythology in an immediate and visceral way. I also recommend it as a dynamic and flexible theater piece with good casting options for large groups and the opportunity to incorporate movement, music and ensemble staging throughout the rehearsal process." - Kate Mendeloff, University of Michigan

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Princess Ariadne is heir to the throne of Crete and sister to The Minotaur. She promises her brother that she will not let anyone hurt him. But now, beneath the palace, an elaborate maze is under construction. It will serve as the prison for the fourteen youths and maidens sent every nine years from Athens to Crete as a sacrifice. It is said that in the center of the maze, a terrible monster awaits, half-man, half-bull, and thirsty for human blood. Hearing these rumors, The Minotaur wants to run awayand he wants Ariadne to come with him. She counsels patience, and then it is too late. The ship from Athens has arrived; on board is the hero Theseus who hopes to slay The Minotaur and free his country from bondage. If Ariadne is to save her brother, she must devise a way to lead him and his would-be slayer out of the maze, and she must convince Theseus that the creature he has come to kill is only a young man like him and not a monster who feasts on human flesh.

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