On the Edge: Challenging Short Plays for Teen Actors by Dan Berkowitz, Jonathan Dorf, Sara Glancy, Evan Guilford-Blake, Linda Kampley, Steven Korbar, Steve Lambert, Patricia Lamkin, Carol S. Lashof, Barbara Lindsay, Kate McGrath, Ed Shockley, Trevor Suthers and Karin Williams

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About The Play

Anthology of 15 short plays.  7-20 minutes each.  2-12 males, 2-18 females (4-30 performers possible).  Suitable for high school and older.  Plays include Mother's Day by Kate McGrath; The Cooking Gene by Jonathan Dorf; Boys Gone Mild by Steven Korbar; The Trestle by Patricia Lamkin; Options by Carol S. Lashof; Sunset Johnson by Ed Shockley; Detention by Trevor Suthers; Girl Friend by Steve Lambert; Friends by Karin Diann Williams; The Cheshire Smile by Sara Glancy; Small Talk by Linda Kampley; Stars (2f version) by Evan Guilford-Blake; Pretty by Dan Berkowitz; Last Right Before the Void by Jonathan Dorf and An Actual Baby Person by Barbara Lindsay. 

Printed Script:
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Get fifteen challenging short plays from YouthPLAYS in a single collection!  The works within are ideal for scene study, competition and production in festivals or for classroom projects.  Young actors will find roles designed to make them stretch, as they navigate friendships, family and romance, and confront such real life issues as academic pressures, sexuality, and prejudice.  Characters lose people they care about, come face to face with things that shock them, and yet still summon the courage to overcome their challenges and continue the march forward into adulthood.

Did You Know?

Tommy Jamerson's play, The Big Bad Bullysaurus, won Second Place at the National Association of Dramatic & Speech Arts Festival.