The Adventures of Rocky & Skye by Kelly DuMar

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About The Play

Dover-Sherborn Middle School (Dover, MA).

Comedy.  30-35 minutes.  2-16 males, 2-21 females (4-37 performers total). Suitable for all ages. 

The play may be performed equally effectively by age-appropriate actors (varying by scene from elementary through middle school age), or by older (high school, college or adult) actors.  It is also ideal for scene study and classroom use, and individual scenes and monologues are well-suited for competition.

The Adventures of Rocky & Skye
premiered at Summer Shorts 4:  Celebration, produced by Youth Education on Stage (Williston, ND), where it won second place.  "Cloud Jumping" and "The Baby Artists" (scenes in the play) will be published in the Smith & Kraus anthology Winners Competition Series Vol. 2:  Award-Winning 90-Second Comic Scenes Ages 4-12 (ed. Janet Milstein).

Gold Medal Winner, 2012 Massachusetts Educational Theatre Guild Festival
, Cameron Middle School (Framingham, MA).

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Dover-Sherborn Middle School (Dover, MA).

Through a series of short, fast-paced scenes, a quartet of characters grow up before the audience's eyes, as we witness the friendship, fun and social skirmishes Rocky, Skye, Ratani and Grant, encounter on their journey from kindergarten through middle school.  Whether they’re debating whose father can reach the moon first, kissing and telling, picturing unlikely future careers, double dating or waiting for the last bell of middle school to ring, these charming characters inspire us to laugh and appreciate the extraordinary moments of ordinary life.

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