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The Question of the Play
November 8, 2010

Recently, I was giving feedback to a young writer friend who was working on his first play. His first draft showed that he was struggling a bit with play structure, so one of the ideas I introduced to help him was "the question of the play."

The question of the play is, quite simply, the question that the audience is waiting to have answered so that they can go home. In Romeo and Juliet, the question might be "Will they get together?" In Hamlet, it's "Will he get revenge?" It's actually a sneaky way of giving your play structure, as every scene in some way needs to lead us closer to answering that question. What's the question of your play?

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In his freshman year at UCLA, Robert George started a theatre company called I-5 productions, so named because all of its members came from different parts of California and were united at school via Interstate 5, creating 3 original works a year that they staged at small theaters all over Los Angeles.

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